Digital Fitness Guide for IT Leaders - Part 1

Digital Fitness Guide for IT Leaders – Part 1

  • Posted by: Michael Guillory
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One size does not fit all… Your response varies depending on what kind of enterprise you are. This is our first part of a series on a Digital Fitness Guide for the CIO.

With 95% of Americans under lockdown, the world around us has changed in just 8 weeks. The number one concern for each of us is to be fit and healthy.  We see families walking, jogging, exercising and doing everything possible to keep themselves fit. Our health is at the top of mind.  It is not an aberration that the sale of fitness and training equipment increased by 307% in March 2020 compared to last year.

The same is true for business enterprises. A capitalist economy relies heavily on consumer spending.
We are increasingly seeing businesses locked down, furloughed and going out of business. Now the big question to our businesses is what should they do? We see companies generally fall into 4 categories

Born Digital




Information Technology maturity plays a key role within each category. Technology helps leaders to respond differently and dramatically. As an IT leader, knowing where your company falls in the spectrum gives you a sense of urgency and help you create a plan to address challenges. IT leaders now must take control of the situation and execute a digital fitness plan for their organization.

Where does your company fall in this spectrum? As an IT leader are you ready to engage in a digital fitness program? Wondering where to start and what actions to take? Continue to read our second part of the digital fitness plan.

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Aravind Kashyap
Chief Executive Officer at Sage IT Inc.

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Author: Michael Guillory