Cognitive Automation

Sage IT can help you define automation Center of Excellence and help design, develop, deploy and operationalize the Bots with security. We can help evaluate your applications and recommend the processes that can be identified and define the ROI. Our Agile Accelerate framework can realize the ROI in in 8 to 12 weeks.

Digital Modernization

Digital Modernization is the key to building an digital organization faster and better. Modernizing Data, Systems and Processes are required to ensure that the foundation and platform for digital is robust, scalable and agile. Sage IT has been delivering Digital modernization programs to it’s customers and accelerating the move to Digital essentially delivering on the promise of Crush Cost, Grow Sales and Transform.

Customer Interactions

The future of Customer Interaction is Chat, Talk, See and Feel. These Interactions combined with traditional interactions from Web, Mobile, In-person, Call Center, Chat, and Field Services have to be managed better through data and intelligence. A better interaction leads to better customer experience. A better customer experience leads to Advocacy and Loyalty of the customer.

Horizontal Services

In addition to offering Cognitive Automation, Digital Modernization and Customer Interactions, Sage IT is providing services that cut across the entire enterprise needs. These services are horizontal in nature and leverage our core capability of Automation

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